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We have updated our system to SOC Pro App, a comprehensive center that houses everything Affiliates need to start and build their businesses including real-time corporate communication. And the best part: the tool is free to the Affiliate for the first 90 days.

This new platform has everything from tutorials and training videos to social images and ads to company policy and reference documents and everything else you might need to grow your business.

AppreciationPal has been used to share email content to prospects but SOC Pro will improve this communication with comprehensive sharing tools to further grow your business. Starting May 20, AppreciationPal will no longer be active and billing will end. Newsletters will also discontinue after this date.

Before May 20, you’ll want to download your contacts so you can import them into the SOC Pro App.

Download Your Contacts [Video]
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Thank you for utilizing AppreciationPal! We’re excited to see you over at the SOC Pro App